Tyleisia Cooper

Tyleisia Cooper

When Tyleisia Cooper was looking for a high school, she set high standards.

“I wanted a new school that had a strong sense of community and valued academics and would prepare me well for college,” she says.

Her choice was SABIS International Charter School in Springfield. The rigorous academic curriculum at SABIS allowed Tyleisia to explore her career options and plan for the future. When the time came, she enrolled in English and Psychology Advanced Placement courses at SABIS and discovered her love of psychology.

“I feel that I am a very understanding, non-judgmental person who wants to help people with their problems. I plan on becoming a psychiatrist with my own practice,” she says.

As a school, SABIS also ticked the boxes of other elements Tyleisia was looking for.

“I also wanted a school where there would be opportunities to participate in athletics and get involved in different activities,” Tyleisia explained.

Opportunities like these were plentiful at SABIS, and she took full advantage of them.

“The first time I had ever heard of a Student Life program was at SABIS. When I came in, they started explaining to me all the different activities I could get involved in,” says Tyleisia, who joined the SABIS Student Life Organization® and was a mentor for younger students. “It made me realize how I could use my knowledge to help others around me,” she says.

Tyleisia also participated in sports, playing on the varsity basketball and track and field teams and serving as captain of the volleyball team.

A strong academic foundation, a commitment to helping others, and leadership and teamwork skills will all serve Tyleisia well on her journey beyond SABIS, first to college and then medical school. She is also ready to apply the most important thing she has learned at SABIS, namely to put her best foot forward in all the things that she does. “It doesn’t hurt putting in that extra time with everything so you can really stand out,” she adds.

“I realized [at SABIS] how I could use my knowledge to help others around me.”

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