SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Nehemiah Johnson

SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Nehemiah Johnson

Senior Nehemiah Johnson enjoys math and science classes, and outside of school he likes to play video games, work out with his friends, and keep active. In addition to his studies, Nehemiah participates in various sports and is the Head Prefect of the Discipline Department of Student Life at Sabis. “I’m extremely proud of Nehemiah,” says Kathleen Joyce, guidance counselor at Sabis. “He is a very intelligent and accomplished person and is wise beyond his years. He is bound to do incredible things.”

Nehemiah has learned leadership through both his personal and academic experiences and has gained self-assurance through it all. “Being head of discipline, as well as participating in various sports during my high school career, has really helped me with my confidence,” he says. “If you don’t have confidence, people won’t take you seriously.” Nehemiah will be heading to Assumption College in the fall on an opportunity grant scholarship from the college. This scholarship was awarded due to his excellent grades and participation in sports. Ultimately, he wants to become an accountant.

"I've always done well in math," says Nehemiah, "and at my first visit to Assumption, I noticed that the people were really friendly and I felt like I belonged."

Nehemiah will look back at Sabis knowing that all his efforts in sports and academics contributed to his journey leading him to college.

“My teachers and counselors have really pushed me to be a better student and have prepared me to excel not only in college, but in life as well,” he concludes.


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