SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Leon Spradley

SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Leon Spradley

Leon has been a student at Sabis since Kindergarten. “The biggest benefit of having gone to a K-12 school is that I really got to know the people here,” he says. “All of the faces are familiar, and the relationships I’ve made are solid.” His favorite subjects are environmental science and math. He volunteers at his aunt’s daycare and has participated in basketball and track & field at school.

“With sports, my teammates and my coaches have been very encouraging. With school, my teachers have also been incredibly encouraging as well, especially with after-school tutoring when I needed it most.

Leon is a wonderful student in addition to being a caring person,” says teacher Michelle Mudgett. “He is able to listen, internalize, and synthesize information in a way that shows he is inquisitive and has a strong desire to know how ideas interrelate. He asks good questions and is quick to offer support to struggling students. There has not been a day that I have known him that he hasn’t greeted me with a warm, genuine smile.

Leon plans to study criminal justice and forensics at either Emmanuel College, University of New Haven, Elms, or Florida State in the fall. “I’ve always been interested in criminal justice and forensics,” he says. “When I was little, I used to watch shows like CSI with my dad. Two of my uncles are in law enforcement as well.”

His experience at Sabis has definitely been memorable. “Whenever I come back to Sabis after I graduate, I know I’ll always have a home here,” he concludes. “Being around the same students and staff for 13 years is like having another family.”

“Whenever I come back to Sabis, I know I’ll always have a home here.”

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