SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Brionne Burnett

SICS Senior In The Spotlight: Brionne Burnett

Born and raised in Springfield, 17-year-old Brionne Burnett has been attending Sabis since her kindergarten years. Now in the top 20% of her class, she is looking to attend a college out of state after she graduates in June and has been accepted to 11 colleges including Pennsylvania State and Hofstra University. She loves volleyball, English, and science and hopes to become a pediatric assistant someday. One of her biggest passions, however, both in and out of school, is community service. 

I love to see the smiles and joy I can bring to peoples’ lives by volunteering in the community,” she says. Brionne is the Deputy Head Prefect of the Student Life Organization (SLO®) at Sabis, helping coordinate school-wide events like blood drives or food drives. 

This organization has really brought me out of my shell,” she comments. “I have found where I fit in. Through my role in SLO®, it’s my goal to bring school events outside of our school walls and into the community.” 

Since losing her father to suicide when she was only eight years old, Brionne has cultivated a sense of inner strength. 
That brought me down for a long time,” she says. “I had to learn to push through and persevere and find my strength. Since then, I’ve become a stronger person by learning how to deal with myself and others. I want to honor his legacy and make him proud.” 

She concludes, “For me personally, it’s never been an option to fail. You have to study and go the extra mile.”

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