Paris Lizana

Paris Lizana

Paris Lizana is a leader. With SABIS as her foundation, Paris has consistently thrived whether it’s on the soccer field, basketball court, or as Senior Class President. “I know for a fact that SABIS is a step ahead of the rest of the schools in Springfield, and it’s always given me [an] edge over other students,” she says.

Paris, who has been attending SABIS since Kindergarten, was accepted into 22 of the 23 colleges she applied to; and she lists UMASS Amherst, George Mason University in Virginia, and Springfield College as her top three choices. Paris, who has taken honors classes since the seventh grade says, “Not only [does SABIS] push you academically, but mentally; it’s like defining new limits so you know that you’re capable of doing things, even outside of school.”

Paris also excels outside of academics. She is a member of the SABIS Student Life Organization® and the current Deputy Head Prefect of the Outreach Department. She previously held this leadership position for the Activities Department as a junior. She also excels in sports as a member of the school’s varsity soccer and basketball teams. She was recognized as a top basketball player in Western Massachusetts and selected for the Girls’ All-League Team in 2017 and 2018.

Her success in sports has fueled her plans to major in sports management, which she knows can lead to an array of career opportunities. She hopes to ultimately become a collegiate athletic director and eventually own her own sports facility. Not one to limit herself to one talent or area of interest, Paris also plans to draw on her strengths in English get into sports journalism.

If she could go back, the advice Paris would give her younger self would be to “slow down and take it one step at a time.” She explains, “I literally joined every club I could, and I started feeling overwhelmed. I was spreading myself too thing and I learned even in my leadership roles sometimes it’s best to delegate.” Spoken like a promising leader.

SABIS is a step ahead of the rest of the schools in Springfield, and it’s always given me [an] edge over other students.”


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