Nia Major

Nia Major

After 11 years at SABIS, Nia Major is setting her sights on how she can continue helping people after graduation. “[I want] to help people in any capacity that I can, no matter what I end up doing [in the future],” says Nia.

Throughout her time at SABIS, Nia says that she has gained many skills, including time management and organization, but the biggest impact the school has had on her comes from the leadership skills she acquired through the SABIS Student Life Organization®.

An active member of the Student Life Organization for the past four years, Nia is currently the Head of Student Life and oversees a large team comprised of eight departments. She worked her way up to the top spot, taking on additional responsibilities each year. “In tenth grade I became a Senior Prefect for the lower [primary] school, and in my junior year I was the Deputy Head of Lower School. This year I oversee all the departments and deputy head prefects.”

Nia takes great pride in the events and initiatives she has had a hand in planning as the Head of Student Life. These include a movie night for the primary school that helped raise money for Hurricane Maria survivors.

Through active involvement in her school life and all the opportunities offered to her, Nia evolved and became more self-assured. Looking back, she says she’d advise her younger self to “love myself and to know that I am beautiful and that I am amazing, and to have more self-confidence.”

Nia’s growing confidence lead her to victory in 2016, when she was named the First Place Oralist during a Summer Legal Institute session at MassMutual, a program held in conjunction with the Just the Beginning Foundation, which promotes diversity in the legal profession.

Today, Nia is deciding between attending Smith or Elms College, where she hopes to major in law, English, or something in the healthcare field.

“I want to help people in any capacity that I can, no matter what I end up doing in the future,” says Nia.


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