Michael Torres

Michael Torres

Spending six years at the SABIS International Charter School in
Springfield has helped Michael Torres gain important clarity for his future.

Michael, who began his academic journey at SABIS in the seventh grade,plans to become a game designer.

The college-preparatory curriculum at SABIS not only equipped Michael to earn admission into the eight colleges he applied to, it helped solidify his career choice.

With a strong foundation in and knack for math and sciences, Michael
felt well prepared as he contemplated career options. He considered civil engineering and forensic anthropology before choosing to earn a bachelor’s degree in game design.

“I plan on majoring in game design to bring joy to others by creating
amazing things never before seen on screen,” Michael explains.
Through academics and the SABIS Student Life Organization®, Michael amassed the knowledge and skills necessary for game design.

Excelling in mathematics and AP® Physics will serve Michael well in his chosen field as they provide valuable insights into the creation of animations.

In Student Life, Michael has honed other important skills for success in game theory. Among them are creativity, artistic vision, teamwork, collaboration, and time management.

One of Michael’s favorite SLO memories was decorating the school for a holiday and seeing the joy his creative ideas brought to others.

“I received a lot of positive feedback because it was new and interesting. People liked it, and that really made me happy,” Michael says. SABIS also helped Michael hone two additional skillsets required for his chosen field of study: adaptability and persistence.

Michael learned to adapt as he transferred from one public school to another in junior high, and, although he is a National Honor Society student with a 4.1 GPA, not every subject came easy for Michael. With support and
encouragement from SABIS teachers, he learned perseverance.

“I learned to always keep my head up and try my best,” Michael says of the advice he takes with him from SABIS as he heads off to college and into life.

“At SABIS I learned to always keep my head up and try my best.”

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