Liam Jansen

Liam Jansen

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” This belief is echoed by SABIS student Liam Jansen, whose goal is to become a college history professor. “I just like the concept of being able to see how things connect to the modern day,” says Liam. “[I like] going back to the roots of how we came to be.”

Liam joined SABIS in fourth grade, having attended a couple of other schools in the Springfield district before landing at SABIS. “My mom was always looking for a better school,” he says. Today, he is grateful for his mother’s persistence and SABIS’ encouragement, both of which he believes have had a big impact on the opportunities he has already had in his life.

“I’ve had opportunities to go to different conferences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” says Liam, who is a member of SABIS’ Model Congress team. After winning an essay contest, he also had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Presidential inauguration and the Women’s March. “It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had at other schools,” he added, very aware of the significance of witnessing such historic events.

A member of the National Honor Society, Liam is also a mentor with the SABIS Student Life Organization®. “I had the opportunity to go to the elementary school and mentor a younger student,” says Liam, who lists helping his mentee solve problems as part of his duties. “I think it really connects the community a bit more,” he says.

Reflecting on his time at SABIS, Liam comments, “You really get to know your teachers and each other [at SABIS]. College counseling is great. You can set up a meeting every two weeks if you need to. I think the individualized attention is definitely something that is super beneficial.”

The college counseling he received certainly paid off and helped Liam get into a number of colleges in the U.S., Ireland, Scotland, and China. While Georgetown and the University of Virginia were amongst his top three choices, Liam says he “just wants to travel the world.” That is why he is going to attend NYU Abu Dhabi in the fall. “I just want to be able to explore,” he says.

“I’ve had opportunities [at SABIS] that I wouldn’t have had at other schools.”

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