Kevin West

Kevin West

A self-confessed “history buff,” studying the past has helped Kevin West map out his future.

“History has been among my favorite subjects,” says Kevin, who has been a student at the SABIS International Charter School in Springfield since he was in Kindergarten. “Learning about world history has broadened my thinking, and that is a skill I’m going to need for college…to be open to new ways of thinking and learning.”

Kevin credits SABIS for helping him develop a broad foundation of knowledge and skills. He also credits the school for helping to shape his life in many positive ways.

“The most important thing I learned while at SABIS is how to operate in an adult world. While speaking with teachers and administrators throughout the school day, I learned how to have meaningful conversations with adults.

I don’t think I would have learned anywhere else,” says Kevin. SABIS has also given him confidence. “I have gained so much confidence while attending SABIS, and that has had an important impact on my life after having been shy as a child,” he says. “Participating in school sports, specifically as a member of the cross country team, really helped to build my confidence,” he adds.

Kevin will be graduating in a couple of months. He is still undecided between Vanderbilt University and the College of William and Mary, both of which have given him a full scholarship. He plans to major in political science and enroll in several philosophy classes in preparation for law school afterwards.

And, he wants the best of “both worlds,” adding, “I want to have that big school experience that you would find at an Ivy League college, yet be able to work one-on-one with my professors and peers just as I have at SABIS.”

“The most important thing I learned while at SABIS is how to operate in an adult world.”

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