Kennedy Winslow

Kennedy Winslow

Kennedy Winslow, a senior at SABIS International Charter School, wasn’t taking any chances with her academic future – she applied to 14 colleges. To her delight, she was accepted to all of them. Columbia University is her choice.

“I’m definitely thankful for SABIS being there for me,” says Kennedy about the international charter school’s emphasis on academic achievement.

“Columbia University has a very strict and rigorous curriculum, and the academic workload and atmosphere of collaboration at SABIS has prepared me well for the future,” she adds.

Kennedy’s strongest academic subject at SABIS is history, which she says has encouraged her to major in Sociology and Urban Studies at Columbia.

Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer. “I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for a long time, but even more so after working as an intern in the Hampden Probate and Family Court last summer. While there I saw so many families dealing with issues,” she says about wanting to be part of the solution.

After beginning as a second grade student at SABIS, Kennedy learned the importance of finding value in a variety of experiences. One of most memorable experiences she has had while at SABIS was also a growth opportunity that she shared with 23 other National Honor Society (NHS) students this February.

“We donated part of our time working on an ecologically-friendly coffee plantation in Costa Rica. It was located on the side of a mountain, and there was no cell service, so we disappeared off the map for two days. When we returned, we were very different people,” says Kennedy, who serves as president of NHS.

Beyond that, Kennedy credits her experiences as a debater on the SABIS Model Congress team for helping her overcome shyness and further preparing her for Columbia.

“My crowning achievement this year was winning first place as “Top Delegate” at American International College’s Model Congress,” she says.

Kennedy is excited about the experiences ahead of her and has truly adopted the SABIS ethos of educating lifelong learners. As she prepares for the next chapter of her life at Columbia University this fall, she comments, “The more educated you are, the more you realize what you don’t know.” Wise words from a young 17-year old.

“The academic workload and atmosphere of collaboration at SABIS has prepared me well for the future.”

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