Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown, a member of the SABIS Class of 2019, already knows that a solid academic foundation is the key to a successful future, and she knows that SABIS gave her that foundation. “SABIS definitely prepared me more than any other school would have,” she comments candidly.

Kayla also knows that a solid foundation is a crucial aspect for any structure, which is good because she plans to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the fall to major in engineering. “I like engineering because there’s always a set answer. It explains how the world works, or it explains a specific process, and I like that it’s very matter-of-fact.”

In tackling challenges and figuring out how things work, Kayla draws on her interest in math, English, and science, three subjects that she lists among her strongest. And strong they are indeed. She has received numerous awards in biology, chemistry, math, and Spanish. She is the recipient of the Big Y Scholarship, which recognizes students for their academic merit and achievement, and the WPI Presidential Scholarship.

Kayla also knows that life is not only about work; it’s a balance. Alongside her academics, Kayla has led an active life at school, learning how to juggle her interests and manage her time effectively. In addition to being involved in the SABIS Student Life Organization®, she is an All-Western Mass Student Athlete and Team Captain for SABIS’ soccer, ice hockey, and softball teams, and she qualified for All-State in soccer. “Practice schedules take a toll on your free time, but I’ve learned to allocate my time into specific areas, and it’s taught me that I can handle a lot of stuff on my plate.”

Kayla is grateful for what she has learned at SABIS, and she is ready for college as well as whatever comes after. “I think SABIS really stands out because it’s really college-oriented,” says Kayla. “I’ve had friends [from other schools say] they haven’t even spoken to their guidance counselor or haven’t even reached out to them at all, but by junior year I was already talking to my college counsellor about my future.”

Kayla is sure to take everything she knows and apply it to creating a bright and promising future.

“I think SABIS really stands out because it’s really college-oriented.”

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