Jeremey Claudio

Jeremey Claudio

When senior Jeremey Claudio hit a rough patch in middle school, teachers and staff at SABIS International Charter School in Springfield were there to help him get back on track.

“I just was not taking school seriously and didn’t think it could have a big impact on my life. But my teachers helped me to realize that my future was at stake and I needed to change. They helped me to change my life, and now I can live my dreams,” says Jeremey.

Those dreams include attending a university to study graphic design, but they don’t stop there. Jeremey has future dreams of launching multiple business ventures. “I’m very ambitious and I have big dreams,” Jeremey says, expressing gratitude to the SABIS school community that he has been part of since Kindergarten.

“I learned a lot at SABIS!” Jeremey adds, “I learned to pursue my dreams no matter what, to always work hard, to work through the challenges, to not be afraid to ask for help, and to not procrastinate.”

In addition to hitting his stride in academics, Jeremey says SABIS helped him succeed outside of the classroom. He learned to balance schoolwork, community service, and a part-time job, while also serving as a leader in the SABIS Student Life Organization®. Through SLO, Jeremey served as a mentor and role model to other students, some of whom needed to know that they too can realize their dreams.

When Jeremey is handed his diploma at graduation in June, he says it will come with a great big “thank you” to SABIS. “I want to thank the school for always believing in me . . .for believing in the person I could become.”

“Because of SABIS, I have big dreams.”

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