Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels knows that education is the key to a better future and he is committed to sharing this understanding with others in his community.

“I see a real problem today with a lot of kids coming off the streets and not seeing education as a way of getting things done,” he says.

Jason has already started helping students understand the power of education in his role as Deputy Head of the SABIS Student Life Organization’s Academic Department.

“I started talking to a couple of kids and tried to get them to understand why education is such a huge thing,” he says. “I also recruited students to help me do tutoring sessions for students who were failing English or math.”

Jason’s time at SABIS – he has been a student there since Kindergarten – has contributed to his development as a person and has helped shape his views and pursuits.

“[The teachers] were always there for me and encouraged me to work my hardest and try new things. Their advice has made me a strong person,” he says.

He continues, “I have learned that everyone has a voice, no matter how young or how old you are, and if you use that voice you can make a difference wherever you are.”

As the grandson of a Springfield police officer, it is not surprising that Jason wants to continue to make a difference in his community well after graduation this spring. In fact, he is joining the Air Force Reserves and then plans to attend Westfield State to study psychology and criminal justice. His ultimate goal is to be a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agent or a State Trooper.

“I feel like maybe if I’m in that position I can stop a lot of bad things that are happening and hopefully try to get people to see education as a way to get somewhere in life,” he says.

“I have learned that everyone has a voice…and if you use that voice, you can make a difference…”

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