Hansel Blanco

Hansel Blanco

Attending the SABIS International Charter School in Springfield has been a “game changer” for 18-year-old Hansel Blanco.

Hansel, who will be graduating this spring, has been accepted to Full Sail University in Florida to pursue a bachelor of science degree in Game Design.

“Growing up I often played video games with my sister and she encouraged me to pursue a career in designing video games.”

When Hansel was in the 4th grade, he joined SABIS and began learning some important lessons that helped shape his game plan for the future.

“I learned how to be a responsible and independent person, and how to manage my time more wisely. But the most important thing I learned is to have trust in others to support you when you need it the most,” he says.

While at SABIS, Hansel has also developed an understanding of the importance of helping others, which will help him stay ahead of the game. As part of the SABIS Student Life Organization®, Hansel got involved in the school’s mentoring program, which provides younger students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 with additional opportunities for emotional, social, and moral growth.

“We work with students in the lower grades who might need help with their homework assignments or who have something going on in their life that they want to talk about,” he explained.

Hansel is game for whatever the future brings and knows that he’s ready for it.

SABIS has prepared me well for college in the fall. Guidance counselors at the school have helped me understand the admissions process and assisted me in filling out my applications,” he says.

After earning his college degree, Hansel has his sights set on opening his own gaming company or working for one of America’s premier gaming giants to invent the next popular gaming craze.

“The most important thing I learned is to have trust in others to support you when you need it the most.”

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