Evan Tran

Evan Tran

“I am the person I am today because I attended SABIS,” says senior Evan Tran.

The person Evan is today is a confident, 17-year-old, young man who is heading for college, committed to leaving his footprint in his community and making a difference.

It was 14 years ago that Evan began his journey at the SABIS International Charter School in Springfield. At the time, he was in fourth grade and had been admitted through the school’s annual lottery.

Soon after becoming a SABIS student, Evan felt empowered to achieve academically and socially.

“One of the first things I noticed after transferring to SABIS was how rigorous the classes were. I was also surprised by how much testing there was, but I soon realized the tests helped me keep focused,” he says.

Evan has been able to stay focused in everything that he has been involved in while at SABIS. He has served as Vice President of the National Honor Society, was a member of the wrestling team, and was captain of the volleyball team.

He has also learned some “pretty important life lessons” while at the school.

“The most important lesson I have learned is to listen to others’ opinions and open myself up to considering their ideas,” he says. He adds, “The school has been like a home, like a family. Being around everyone and being exposed to so many different ideas has helped build my character.”

With an openness of mind that is uncommon in a 17-year-old, Evan has set some pretty lofty goals in life.

After graduating this spring, he plans to study engineering at Northeastern University, where he is the recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship based on scholastic aptitude.

From there, the sky and everything around it is the limit because Evan is determined to make the world a better place.

“There are many environmental issues facing us today, and I want to help make our Earth a better place for future generations,” he concludes.

“The most important lesson I have learned is to listen to others’ opinions…”

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