Elsie McBride

Elsie McBride

Elsie McBride is a senior at SABIS International Charter School in Springfield and she has been accepted as a pre-med student with a full scholarship to Smith College. Her drive to become a doctor was solidified early in her life when her younger brother was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

“It was then that I realized that my life’s goal is to become a pediatrician and help sick children,” she says.

Elsie credits SABIS for putting her on the right path to achieving her goal. Thanks to the strong academic program at SABIS, Elsie excelled and earned the grades required for acceptance to the nation’s largest and most prestigious liberal arts college for women.

“Math and the sciences are my strongest academic subjects because I enjoy problem-solving. These subjects have offered me the opportunity to think and problem solve,” says Elsie, who will certainly draw on these skills when diagnosing young patients.

Beyond the classroom, Elsie developed her social and life skills as Deputy Head Prefect of the Outreach Department, one of the eight SABIS Student Life Organization® departments. Overseeing the Outreach Department – which welcomes new and visiting students and helps to generate school spirit – positioned Elsie to overcome her shyness and helped develop her communication skills.

“I can talk to people more easily now. I developed a voice, and being involved helped to build my character,” she says. “As a Deputy Head Prefect, you have to put together meetings; you have to assign people jobs … and make sure that everyone knows what’s going on.”

Elsie is convinced that she is ready for life after graduating. “SABIS has made me more outspoken now and well-prepared academically for the rigors of college.”

SABIS has made me more outspoken now and well-prepared academically for the rigors of college.”

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