Antonio Rivera

Antonio Rivera

As Antonio Rivera prepares to go to college in the fall, he is thankful for the academic and life skills he has acquired at SABIS International Charter School in Springfield.

“The sciences were my favorite subjects, especially physics, which is everywhere in life - you just don’t notice it sometimes,” says Antonio.

A rigorous academic program and continuous learning support at SABIS contributed to preparing Antonio for a successful future at college. “There were times when I needed help, and the teachers were always there for me to provide support and tutoring,” he says.

Opportunities to broaden his horizons while at SABIS have also played a part in preparing him for the future. One opportunity that Antonio embraced wholeheartedly was the chance to travel to Greece to attend the international SABIS Student Life Organization® Conference, which brings together students from schools in the global SABIS Network.

“Not only did I gain a broader view of the world, but the experience helped develop my leadership and communication skills,” says Antonio.

As one would expect, Antonio’s SABIS experience also included competitive sports, which he participated in and helped to organize for other students. He played basketball and soccer and ran both cross-country and indoor track, which taught him the importance of working as a team. And as a prefect in the SABIS SLO® Sports Department, he was extremely active in organizing sports events at the school.

Antonio feels he is more prepared for life and definitely feels ready for college. “I’ve heard from alumni that college is actually easier [than SABIS],” he reports.

After graduation, Antonio plans to major in Criminal Justice at Western New England University. “I grew up with a dad who was a state trooper, and I’ve always had an interest in serving the community and being the best I can be,” he says.

“I’ve heard from alumni that college is actually easier [than SABIS].”

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