Alexa Jacques

Alexa Jacques

Setting goals and working hard to achieve them are lessons Alexa
Jacques has learned as a student at the SABIS International
Charter School in Springfield.

Now a senior, Alexa joined the school in Kindergarten and will
soon be following in her siblings’ footsteps by graduating from the
school and going on to college.

“My parents saw how [the school] prepared my siblings for college,
and they wanted the same for me,” explains Alexa.

College and a professional life as a physician’s assistant are among
the goals Alexa will pursue after graduation, and she is nothing but
confident that she will achieve them and much more.

Alexa’s confidence — and the laser-like focus that accompanies
it — is attributable to her time at SABIS and the opportunity to be
part of a school that both challenges and supports her.

The challenges have come from the rigorous curriculum and
regular exams; the support has come from teachers who know her well and classmates she has grown up with over the last 13 years.

“It’s a really close-knit community,” says Alexa. “You can get help easily because you know all the teachers and the
teachers know you. It’s like a family.”

As a result, Alexa says she has become an independent learner who knows the value of working hard to achieve goals and believing in herself.

“You have to make sure you have a goal in mind and really work your hardest,” she says. “Help from others can only go so far; you have to want things for yourself.”

The work Alexa has put into her education at SABIS is evident in her 4.3 GPA and the long list of college acceptances she has received.

“I was accepted into every place that I applied,” she reports and adds that she will be attending Westfield State University.

Reflecting on her time at SABIS, Alexa is grateful for her experiences and the people who helped shape her.

“I want to thank SABIS for pushing me to my limit so I could show
my true potential.”

SABIS pushed me to my limit so I could show my true potential.”

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