Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams

Aaron Williams is a talented individual who has found the balance between sports and academics.

“[SABIS has] really taught me how to prioritize, from being a student to being an athlete, [and] making sure school comes first; making sure I do what I need to do academically before I do what I do athletically,” says Aaron.

Doing what he needs to do academically includes pursuing his interests in history and chemistry. It also means playing an active role in the school’s Student Life Organization, where he was a Discipline Prefect and tasked with helping to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment on campus.

“During Student Life and lunch, we walk around the building and make sure kids are where they’re supposed to be – in class or the gym; keeping everything in order,” he explains.

Aaron recognizes the value of keeping things in order and setting priorities. His understanding of how to prioritize and achieve balance is evident in his athletic successes. He played on the varsity basketball and volleyball teams at SABIS, was named the Basketball Hall of Fame’s 2019 Western Massachusetts Boys’ High School Player of Year. He was also chosen as one of the seven top basketball players in the region by MassLive.com’s “Super 7” roundup.

Aaron plans to merge his academic strengths with his exceptional athletic ability in the future. “My main goal is to be a sports psychologist,” says Aaron, “I’ve always wanted to play basketball professionally, whether it be in the NBA or overseas, but my Plan B is to be a sports psychologist … I’ve dealt with injuries in the past and sometimes that can really put you down mentally,” he explains. “A sports psychologist basically helps you get out of that mental funk after you recover from that injury.

With a plan to major in psychology, Aaron has applied to several colleges including Springfield College, Williams College, Rhode Island College, and Wheaton College. While he does not know where he will end up studying, he knows for certain that he is ready: “[SABIS] helped me really prepare myself for the next level at college.”

“[SABIS] helped me really prepare myself for the next level at college.”

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