Student Parking Registration 2017-2018

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Dear Parents of Seniors:

We know that school has just ended for the summer; however this letter is being sent out so that all seniors are aware of the Student Parking Rules and Procedures for obtaining a Student Parking Permit.

SICS will be accepting applications starting August 7, 2017.  SICS will be accepting applications from Juniors on September 5, 2017 if there are any parking spots available at that time.

Applications need to be filled out completely, including signatures from parent/guardian, student, AQC (verifying good academic standing) and DSMC (verifying good behavioral standing).

Applications can be found on the school’s website or picked up in person at the school.

Seniors will have until September 1, 2017 to apply for a permit. If there are any parking spaces available on September 5, 2017 or after, they will be available to the junior class.

Parking Permits must be applied for yearly.

The number of Permits is based upon the number of available student parking spaces and are distributed on a space available basis.

A waitlist will be started in the event that there are more applicants than parking spaces. Any car found parked on school property during the school day that is not registered with the school will be towed at the owner’s expense.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at 413-783-2600 or email


Student Parking Registration Form


Student Parking Policy

The school parking lot is a private lot open to the public.  Consequently, the school is not responsible for damage done to personal property and/or vehicles when parked in the lot.  Parking permits are a privilege, not a right.  Parking privileges will be honored only to seniors and juniors who are academically and behaviorally in good standing.  Parking permits may be revoked at any time at the discretion of our Director or designee. SICS students in grades twelve and eleven have the privilege to park on a permit basis only.  The number of permits is based upon the number of available student parking spaces and are distributed on a space available basis, with seniors first followed by the juniors.

An assembly will be held the first week of school with grades eleven and twelve to go over the parking procedures, rules and expectations. 

Any car found parked on school property during the school day that does not have a parking permit, will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Students are permitted to drive and park under the following conditions:


  1. Students must present their student I.D., car registration, and a valid driver’s license, to receive a parking application prior to a parking permit being submitted.  During the course of the year, any vehicle change must be reported to the main office.
A student parking application must be obtained, completed with a copy of proof of insurance and returned to the main office.12th grade students in good academic and behavioral standing will be eligible to apply for parking privileges on campus at the start of each academic year.  Students who are tardy to school for unexcused reasons more than 3 times per term will lose their parking permit for the remainder of the term.  They will be eligible to reapply for parking privileges at the beginning of the next term.The parking permit must be displayed at all times; there will be no exceptions. A $5.00 replacement cost for all parking permits will be collected.Students may not sell, loan, duplicate, or give their permit to any other student.Any student driving in a careless or negligent manner likely to endanger any person or property will be subject to criminal prosecution and/or loss of parking privilege.  All vehicle accidents should be reported immediately to the Springfield Police Department, Traffic Division.SICS assumes no responsibility for the student’s vehicle; including but not limited to, damages, theft, injuries, and vandalism.Upon arrival, students must enter the building immediately. Loitering or gathering in the parking lot will not be permitted. Students cannot return to their vehicles until dismissed from school for the day or have permission from an administrator.  Automobiles not registered, without a permit properly displayed, or parked in an improper area shall be towed at the owner’s expense. Subsequent violations may result in loss of parking privileges.


Due to neighborhood and public safety concerns, the parking of any student motor vehicle on adjacent public or private ways is prohibited.  Student motor vehicles are not allowed in the faculty/staff visitor parking lot.

Excessive speed or disregard of traffic signs in our neighborhood or on our campus will prompt the revocation of parking privileges.  It is mandatory that student drivers strictly adhere to all city, neighborhood, and campus traffic and speed limit signs. 



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