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Before you call your internet service provider and they try to sell you on an upgrade, please make sure your SICS student is working in close proximity to your router.  This makes a difference in their connectivity and speed.  For example, we would not advise housing your router in the basement and trying to use it on a second or third floor.  We have been able to help many students get better internet connectivity by simply requesting that they move their work station to another room! 


Try these quick Chromebook fixes before you fill out the Chromebook e-form!



Is your SICS Chromebook not performing properly?  Please fill out the below electronic form, so that our IT department may assist you.

Chromebook e-form


On Wednesday 9/16/20 there was a small story on the local news that covered Microsoft TEAMS and teaching....Please refer to these quick tutorials ( ) that may help our students.


You may have noticed that your child’s Teams Calendar is a bit cluttered with Canceled meetings from last semester. If this is the case we have some simple instructions to help you clean things up.


  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab in the Teams application
  2. Right Click on any of the canceled Meetings in the Calendar to open up the Options Menu
  3. Select “Remove from calendar” and then click “Series” to remove the meetings.
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 until there are no more canceled recurring meetings on your child’s calendar






20.21 School Year TEAMS Password Reset:

You will need to choose new passwords immediately upon signing in to your email/Chromebook. Remember, Chromebooks will automatically startup to sics login.  Please contact your teacher if you are having difficulty with the login.

Chromebook Forms:

Acceptable Use Policy

Chromebook Liability

SICS IT Chromebook Safety Procedures


Change ROBO Call selections

Please use this link to update your contact information for important announcements.  This new system allows for multiple contact numbers and email addresses to be included.  Our SICS families will now be able to choose a communication that works best for them!


School issued email accounts/ google

All students have Google accounts connected to their email addresses.

This means two things:

  1. You can sign into Google and use any Google Service (Gmail/Docs/Drive) with your email
  2. You can sign into school provided Chromebooks with your email



You will need to choose new passwords immediately on signing in to . Here are a few tips for getting your accounts working(see #1-3 before trying to access Teams):

1.The first time a student logs into their account should not be through the Teams app, students must sign in to before accessing Teams.

2. The first time students sign into they will be prompted to enter the system provided password and choose a new password of sufficient strength in order to continue. The password that the IT department provided needs to be changed before Teams can be accessed. 

3. After their first initial login students can reset their own passwords if they provide 2 factors of authentication. Students will be prompted for the 3 following items the next time they log in: alternative email address, phone number, security questions. Students will need to provide the verification code sent to their email/phone number to register their contact information.

4. The Teams web application, the Teams mobile application and the Teams desktop application are all exactly the same. If the desktop app does not work for a student have them try the web application as it has better accessibility on more devices. Teams is available at . It is also best practice to have students use the mobile app if they are on a phone or tablet because the web app will have limited functionality on mobile devices.


SDP Information Links: 

Parent Profile

Student Profile



PDFs and Microsoft OneNote

You can draw on, highlight and insert text into PDF files with OneNote and then share the results with your teacher if necessary. There are also some math tools available in OneNote that make it easy to write equations and insert them into a document.

How to open the OneNote web app (also available for download):

  1. Sign into your with your username and password
  2. Click the SICS SABIS® logo in the top Menu bar
  3. Click on the OneNote icon from the list of Office apps

How to Open/Edit/Share/Save a PDF in OneNote:

  1. Creating a new Note
  2. Go to Insert  File  Insert PDF Printout on the top Toolbar
  3. Choose the PDF that you want to open
  4. Edit the PDF with tools from the Draw and Insert tabs in the Toolbar
  5. Share or Save As a PDF
    • Click the Share button and add an email address
    • File  Print and then replace the Destination Printer with Save as PDF

Here are some links to Microsoft instructionals if you need them:



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