SICS Student Earns Prestigious Scholarship

April 3, 2017

Contact Name: Karen Reuter


For Immediate Release

We are delighted to announce that Julissa Arce, a student from SABIS® International Charter School (SICS), a SABIS® Network, U.S. charter school, has received the prestigious Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Scholarship to Roger Williams University (RWU) in Bristol, Rhode Island for her strong academic record and personal perseverance to achieve higher education. This full-tuition scholarship award is valued at $125,000 over four years.

Roger Williams University is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational American liberal arts university founded in 1956 and named for theologian and Rhode Island cofounder Roger Williams. The university enrolls approximately 5,000 undergraduate and 725 graduate students. The Intercultural Leadership Ambassador Program at RWU celebrates and recognizes a diverse group of students annually who have demonstrated academic achievement, the aptitude for leadership in creating an inclusive community and perseverance despite a significant obstacle or challenge in their life.

Julissa enrolled at SICS in 2006 as a second grader and is one of SICS strongest students academically. Her accomplishments include the successful completion of many Honors and Advanced Placement (AP®) courses, membership in the National Honor Society as well as earning a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.3 out of 4.0, the highest academic average recognized at SICS. Julissa has also been a key member of the Student Life Organization® (SLO®) and is a very active member of her church youth leadership team. She also received a prestigious summer internship working for a legal institute where she traveled to Washington, D.C. to work with Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sonia Maria Sotomayor.

Julissa is incredibly grateful to receive this honor and credits SABIS® for preparing her for success to achieve her dreams. “When I read the application for this scholarship, I got really excited because I felt like the qualities they were looking for and the responsibilities involved directly correlated with what I do at SICS every day. As a member of the SLO®, I strive to promote diversity and inspire my ambassadors in the Outreach Department to do the same. I will be doing many of the same things I do at SICS but now at RWU” said Julissa. “The people at SICS and more specifically, our Student Life Organization®, taught me how to manage my time, how to communicate effectively and how to approach life situations in a strategic and thoughtful way”.

The entire SICS community applauds Julissa. “We are incredibly proud of Julissa and her achievements not the least of which is receiving this prestigious award. Julissa is the first student in the history of SICS to attain this competitive scholarship. She is a brilliant and driven young woman who will continue to be a positive influence to everyone she encounters at SICS, RWU and the world beyond” said Kathleen Joyce, SICS

Guidance Counselor.

SICS has a long track record of successfully preparing students to gain admission to college. In fact, 100% of the school’s graduates to date have earned college acceptances. To learn more about SICS, visit



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