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Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Please visit: Summer Self-Care


Nurse's Office:




Learn about the impact of COVID19 on youth mental health and what parents and caregivers can do to provide support Discuss practical approaches to parenting, the signs of stress, anxiety, and depression, and how we can help our youth navigate home, family, friends, and school, with plenty of time for questions. Presented by Jon Mattleman, MS, from Minding Your Mind.

Questions? Email:BrielleRuth, MPHBRuth@springfieldcityhall.com

To Register Thurs., June 11 7:00PM Presented by the Springfield Department of Health and Human Services Substance Use Prevention Team



The nursing team has been searching for information on how to age-appropriately explain to your children ways to fight the COVID19 virus.  You may find the 3 links listed below helpful with this task. They are labeled by ages and are family friendly. The nursing team continues to wish all our families safety, support and wellness in your home. Please contact Nurse Kristen or Nurse Kathleen if you have any questions regarding COVID19 and your family. We can be reached at our school emails.

7 Tips to combat COVID19 (AGES 13-18)

COVID19 Info (AGES 6-12)

COVID19 Info (AGES 3-6)


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Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Social Distancing Self-Care (LINK)

Nurse's Office:

Create a time capsule at home. Creating a time capsule gives children ( and even adults ) an opportunity to document what we are going through during this unpredictable time. It can be a record of your feelings, and of what’s happening at home and within your community. The link below has templates for written time capsules you can try at home. Stay safe and act smart, your Nursing Team

Guidance Counselor's:

THURSDAY 11A-2P SENIOR Cap and Gown Day!  Don't forget- we can't wait to see you!!!

Student Management:

Talking to many of you daily- keep up the good work! 

Student Life:



Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Teenagers and social media resources- quick stats sheet.

Student Life:

  • Have an indoor picnic! Grab a sheet, whatever food you have, and enjoy a living room picnic (without the ants).  You can even play that memory game at the same time: “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing…” Each person takes turns remembering (in order) what everyone is bringing and then adds one thing each turn.
  • Create an animal fact sheet!  Ask your child pick an animal.  Can they make a fact sheet, listing everything they know about that animal?  Now, do some research.  After learning a little bit more about that animal, ask your child to add new facts to the sheet about what they learned.  Interview each other.  Interviewing is an important skill.  You and your child can start interviewing each other face-to-face by asking each other questions and taking notes.  If your child shows interest, they can take it to another level by calling a grandparent or family member and interviewing them over the phone.

Student Management:

Simple recipe #2

Berry Berry Patriotic Dessert-*** ONLY with Adult Supervision***


· 1 store-bought sponge cake

· 2-3 cups of sliced ripe strawberries (reserve 1 strawberry for top)

· 2-3 cups blueberries (reserve 1/8 cup for top)

· 1 8oz container of Cool Whip


  Break up sponge cake into pieces.

· Line the bottom of your bowl with the strawberries making as level as possible

· Add the sponge cake again as level as possible

· Layer the blueberries in an even layer

· Top with Cool Whip

· Place strawberry in center and scatter blueberries around

-Courtesy of Richard Worden

Nurses' Office:

The nursing team would like our students and families to be aware of the concerning relationship between smoking or vaping and COVID-19 ( the Corona virus ). Your lungs will thank you if you never start this unhealthy habit or begin a plan to quit.



Student Management:

STUDENT FRIENDLY RECIPE *** ONLY with Adult Supervision***

Three Ingredient Easy Fudge


• 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

• 14 ounces sweetened condensed milk

• 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


• line a 9 x 9 pan with foil or parchment paper

• place chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in a glass bowl and mix

• microwave for a minute and a half and stir

• stir in vanilla until combined then microwave for an additional minute

• Poor smooth chocolate into the pan and refrigerate for at least one hour

• Cut into 1 x 1 squares

-Courtesy of Brenda Davenport



Hobbies and crafts are becoming a popular pastime while we are spending more time at home. Puzzles, coloring books, Lego blocks and card games are fun for both children and adults. Take some time to relax and use your creative side.

Have a ball,

your nursing team. 

The Many Benefits of Crafting for Kids - Ann Williams Group


Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Social Story: Expectations for School  Work


Student Life:

Teacher Appreciation Week! 

Your teachers would love to hear from you- send a quick email and let them know what you like best about class!


Guidance Counselors:

Senior graduation discussions are occuring and details will soon follow...stay tuned!



Your school nurse can be reached by email as needed for any health related questions   
Nurse Kristen K-5 
Nurse Kathleen 6-12
We can continue to make a positive difference in the spread of the COVID-19 virus by practicing social distancing. Keeping your children home may difficult but will help keep  family and friends safe. The CDC has added another step to decrease contact of the virus. 
Say ‘Hi’ to your children from the nurses.


Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Behavior Compliance Strategies_Levine Associates

Guidance Counselors:

2020 Springfield Promise Last Dollar Scholarship_.pdf 

Student Management:



Mr. Conway’s Famous Thanksgiving Pizza with Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce.

We Challenge YOU to make your favorite recipe (anything goes, with your parent / guardian) and take a picture of it and email to Mr. Conway @  

You must have the following in your picture: 

  • You and your parent / guardian 

  • Food item that you have made 

  • Description of food item 


1 winner will be chosen to receive a SURPRISE in the mail! 

Good Luck To All Participants :)

Student Life:




Student Management:

UNICEF: Tips for Parenting during the Coronavirus Outbreak

PBIS: Supporting Families with Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

Childmind: Supporting our Kids

Nurse's Office:

Your school nurses are available for questions you might have regarding your child’s health.  

Nurse Kristen grades K-5 can be reached at and

Nurse Kathleen grades 6-12 can be reached at

Exercise is an important part your self care plan during this period of social isolation. Physical activity can relieve stress, offer a break from academics and promote family time.There are easy ways to add exercise to your daily routine while at home. Give these links a try and have fun.

Have a great and healthy week,

Nurse Kathleen 

Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

Activity: Printable

Video: Life is Good


Student Life:

  • Teach your peers- take the school work assigned and provide a mini tutoring session and post it for others to view.
  • Write a journal entry for your classroom teacher about ANYTHING!  They are missing you.  Drawings would be greatly appreciated!


Guidance Counselors:



Guidance Counselors:

Dear Members of the Class of 2020 (and families):

A number of you have been asking about the current plans related to the Senior Banquet, Prom and Graduation.  We can only imagine how stressful our current situation is to all.  Our first wish is that you all remain healthy, use this down time wisely and continue to move forward toward your high school graduation.
Your end of year activities are utmost on our minds and we have had a number of discussions on how best to handle these celebratory events.  Rest assured all of these events are very important to us as well and as such we are confident we will hold the Senior Banquet, Prom and a Graduation Ceremony.  Given the pandemic however, the dates of these events have not yet been finalized.  As you might imagine issues such as Social Distancing, the number of people who may congregate in a building and just making safe and healthy decisions are each factors in our planning efforts.  Again, be assured that we will have the events.  It is only the timing that is still to be determined.
To those of you who have not yet submitted your sizing for your graduation cap and gown, please email you height and weight to:
To any senior who is making up a physical education credit, please keep a log of your physical activities while we are out of school.  These might include jogging, walking or really any other solitary physical activity that you might undertake.  If you submit a log as outlined above, you will earn credit and fulfill your PE class requirement.
Finally, please continue to complete and submit your assignments as posted online on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions about the expectations feel free to contact Mr. Dwyer, your classroom teacher or your Guidance Counselor for clarification.
Again, we are hopeful you are doing well and we look forward to the day we might all be together and celebrate your accomplishments.


Nurse's Office:

Family nutrition Is  especially important during this time of health crisis. The nursing team is happy to share a city resource and a video focusing on healthy choices. Nutrition 101
Your food choices each day affect your health- how you feel today, and in the future. Good nutrition is an important part of living a healthy life. This video shows ways that dietary changes can be easy and fun. A helpful site for children is ‘my’. We wish you good health during this trying time.
Sodexo continues to provide nutritional support to Springfield students. Their staff are following a strict and safe plan for meal prep and delivery. Reference FOOD UPDATE 4/3/20 for details.

Sodexo Meal Distribution Map:

Image preview

Student Life:

  • Read your favorite book and change the ending.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt throughout the house finding specific items (colors, shape, syllable counts).
  • Create a fort in the house and write a creative story about it.
Student Management:
Image result for office hours clip art

Monday – Friday

9:00AM -11:00AM

Ms. Drungo K-2ND

Mrs. Hogan 3RD-5TH

Mr. LaPierre IN-HOUSE

Mr. Londraville 6TH-7TH

Mr. Thomas 8TH-10TH

Mr. Cree 11TH-12TH

Mrs. Poehler IN-HOUSE

Mr. Conway K-12th SMC

*Please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have for any of the above individuals.

Try this at home: Positive Incentives!



Please continue to use resources in WEEK2


Adjustment Counselors/ School Social Workers:

maintaining emotional wellbeing



Hi SICS Families!  Your supporting departments put together a list of resources for you!!!  Please follow CDC guidelines to protect yourselves and loved ones, remain healthy, and check our website and SABIS Digital Platform (SDP) for updates.  There will be WEEKLY updates to this page, so check back often! 

Resources for English Learners

● Khan Academy, Available in 40 languages, Khan Academy has outlined support for parents and educators on how to use their resources during remote learning. Khan Academy is a free resource for students, teachers, and parents with a library of lessons covering kindergarten through early college math, grammar, science, and history, plus AP® courses, SAT® preparation, and more.

● ColorinColorado, This bilingual website has compiled resources for educators and families of English learners.

● Duolingo, For students to practice conversational English.

● Immigrant Connections: From YouTube channels to multilingual reference guides, the site has compiled a comprehensive resource list to assist English learners and immigrant parents support the temporary home education of their children.

● Listenwise, Supports listening comprehension with stories and non-fiction in English language arts, social studies, and science. A subscription is free and includes supports for English learners.

● Newsela: Digital subscriptions for free in English language arts, social science, and science and supports social emotional learning and English learners.


Student Management:

On behalf of the student Management Team at SICS, I want ALL students to know we are thinking of you and miss you.  We hope that everyone stays healthy during this time.

-Derek Conway


Child Mind Institute

Keep a schedule!

Intervention Central (behavior strategies)


Nurse's Office:

The Nursing team would like share ideas to promote good health during this time of COVID-19 ( the Coronavirus ). Our goal is to provide health support and guidance while we are away from school. We plan to share age appropriate information on health topics including hand washing, medication use, nutrition, exercise, self care and body systems. We hope everyone is safe and healthy.
Grades K-5
Social Distancing
Soap and Water Science Interactive
Hand Washing Interactive
Grades 6-12

Social Distancing

Handwashing for Teens


School Social Workers and Adjustment Counselors:

Sending well-wishes!

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Practice Self

5Minute Meditation; 3/24/20

















Student Life Organization:

Be well!  Laura Domash email:

  • Cooking favorite recipe - breakfast, dinner, dessert THEN post recipe and PICTURE of final product!

    (send to
  • Take a virtual tour of museum/capital, landmark, wonders of the world) and write about your experience and favorite part.

  • Write a letter to your classroom teacher.

Guidance Counselors:

College Planning: 
While school remains closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic decisions regarding college enrollment for the fall must still occur.  
Most all colleges and universities will have announced their acceptances for fall 2020 on or before April 1, 2020.  Your decision from each school should also include a financial aid package which will help you determine your (and your family) out of pocket costs to attend the school.  Normally colleges and universities require a commitment by you (including a financial deposit) by May 1, 2020.  Due to the pandemic outbreak this spring, many schools have extended the notification and the commitment dates.  The link below will provide you with the information needed to check on any individual school’s dates.  
Of course you should call the college directly if you have any questions that the link does not adequately address.
Once you have an acceptance, a financial aid package and a list of schools you would like to attend, feel free to email the acceptance and award letters to any of our guidance counselors for a review of the package and an analysis on your out-of-pocket costs to attend such school.
Finally, all seniors should continue to complete outside scholarship applications for regional and local scholarships.  Be sure to notify your guidance counselor when you complete the application in order that your transcript (if needed) may be sent to complete your application.
Email addresses:  
Mr. McKenna:
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