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Vonetta & Michael

Vonetta Franklin decided that SABIS Springfield was the right school for her son, Michael, and her three daughters after she saw how her nephew excelled at college after graduating from SABIS.

“We were supposed to buy [my nephew] a calculator for college but didn’t get it to him in time for his first calculus test. Even without it, he got a 91% on the test, and that was all the proof I needed,” explains Vonetta.

Further cementing her decision was the family-friendly and safe environment of SABIS, coupled with the comfort in knowing that her children would attend the same school from Kindergarten through Grade 12. They would not have to change schools or make new friends. Now that her children have been at the school for several years, she knows a thing or two about what the school delivers and can offer advice to others considering the school.

“If your child is going there to learn and not to misbehave, that’s the perfect school to go to. If your child is going to misbehave and be disrespectful then that’s not the school because at SABIS they have a no tolerance policy for misbehavior, and they stand by their words.”

Vonetta’s son Michael, who is currently in eighth grade and active in the National Junior Honor Society as well as the Student Life Organization, is glad his mother chose SABIS.

“I enjoy going to SABIS. You create a family you can rely on. Students and teachers help you to excel and provide you with the tools you need to succeed,” says Michael. Michael is also a fan of the teaching approach used at the school. “SABIS has a select way of teaching that is easily comprehended by me. I know the guidelines of how they teach. I also know how to take notes, use the study guides, or help other kids who are struggling,” he comments.

Listening to Michael sum up his education at SABIS so far, it’s clear that the school has done more than meet his and his mother’s expectations. “All my experiences at SABIS have been mind opening. I’m creating memories that will last for a lifetime,” he concludes.

“All my experiences at SABIS have been mind opening. I’m creating memories that will last for a lifetime.”

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