The Yeboahs

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The Yeboahs

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, and that is certainly the case for Kofi Agyei-Yeboah and his younger brother, Kwaku Ohemeng-Yeboah.

The boys’ mom, Gladys A. Yeboah, had her mind set from the beginning on sending her children to SABIS International Charter School in Springfield, In fact, she says she wanted them to attend SABIS so much that she waited seven years.

“We had heard about how good SABIS was from friends who had children there, one of whom is now in law school,” says Gladys. “My husband, Kwaku, and I also Googled the school. We learned SABIS was among the top schools in America and also has schools around the world,” she continued. “We began applying through a lottery when Kwaku was in Kindergarten, but both didn’t get in right away, so I persisted until they did.”

Kwaku was the first of the two brothers to be admitted to the school – he started at SABIS in the 3rd grade – and Kofi’s admission as a sibling in the 7th grade soon followed. Gladys says that both boys’ grades improved once they enrolled.

Kwaku, who is now an 8th grader and considering a career as a doctor, says that at fi rst he was a little sad to leave his friends behind in his old school. “But I got to meet a lot of new friends at SABIS, where I found the classes and teachers to be better. There is also more opportunity to get extra help from your teachers if you don’t understand something,” he says.

Kofi, now an 11th grader, adjusted quickly to being a SABIS student, and he is now an integral part of the school. Every morning his voice can be heard from the speakers in the classrooms throughout the school. His role as a member of the SABIS Student Life Organization®’s Outreach Department is to step in front of the microphone and update the student body on upcoming activities and other school news.

“The morning announcements have really helped me develop my public speaking skills,” says Kofi, who puts his speaking skills to work as a member of the school’s extremely successful Model Congress team.

Kofi is also an honors student and is taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes in English and US History. He is considering putting his knowledge in these subjects to work for him in the future, possibly as a lawyer.

Gladys is glad that she persisted in getting her sons into SABIS. “The environment at the school is so beautiful,” she says. “I’m glad that my kids are a part of this school.”

“We learned SABIS was among the top schools in America and also has schools around the world.”

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