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The Straws

Reputation is the reason Stephen and Jennifer Straw made the important decision to send both their daughters, Audrey and Gwyneth, to SABIS International Charter School in Springfield.

“We heard good things about the school from friends and neighbors,” says Stephen. “We were attracted to the level of discipline and organization in the school as well as the consistency it provides students.” Jennifer totally agrees. “We valued the rigorous instruction and the focus on preparing students for college that SABIS is known for, as well as the positive school community it creates,” she adds.

Daughter Audrey Straw graduated from SABIS in 2019 and is currently a freshman at UMASS Boston with a Chancellor’s Scholarship. Her younger sister Gwyneth, who is now a 10th grader, is also college bound. As a member of Model Congress, Head Prefect of the Outreach Department in the SABIS Student Life Organization®, and an honors student, there is no doubt that she is well on track to fulfilling her aspiration of going to college and becoming a nurse.

The college guidance counselors at SABIS will help Gwyneth on her path to college, just as they did with her sister Audrey. “College advisors really give the students personal attention in what can be an overwhelming process,” says Jennifer. “They were pivotal in furthering the next step in Audrey’s education.”

When Gwyneth speaks of her experience at SABIS, two things really stand out. The first is the strong sense of belonging she feels. “My favorite thing is that my classrooms are kind of a community. I’ve known most of these kids since Kindergarten. […] we’re really close.” The second is the long-term impact that a school trip to the University of Pittsburgh has had on her. “We visited the University of Pittsburgh, where their science programs really inspired me to strive to attend the college. It’s what made me decide to go into some sort of science field.”

The Straws experience at SABIS has lived up to their expectations. “SABIS has given our daughters confidence, real life skills, and values beyond school. There are a ton of skills beyond education that they’re learning,” says Jennifer. “SABIS has done right by both of our daughters.”

SABIS has given our daughters confidence, real life skills, and values beyond school.”

SABIS® International Charter School of Springfield

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