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The Riveras

When Janette and Daniel Rivera were deciding what school would provide the best education for their triplets – Amalia, Annalisa and Jayden – they chose the SABIS International Charter School. “We wanted a school where we felt the kids were safe…more of a close-knit environment for them…one where the children receive more attention from their teachers,” says Janette.

As it turns out, it is not just the students who receive attention at SABIS; it is the parents as well.

“We can voice any concerns that we might have and we feel listened to,” says Janette. Janette and Daniel have worked closely with the school to ensure that their children’s individual academic and social needs are met, including those of their son, Jayden, who is a special education student at the school.

“Jayden has matured since attending SABIS. He rarely spoke before, now you can’t keep him quiet,” says Janette.

Jayden and his sisters, who are now in the 4th grade, began their education at SABIS in Kindergarten.

“It was important to us that the triplets be treated as individuals and be allowed to grow in separate classes from one another,” says Janette. “It is also a benefit that our children won’t have to go from one school to another as they reach the higher grades into high school,” adds Daniel.

Daniel recommends SABIS to other families who want a school that offers students a challenge and prepares them for the future.

“This school challenges students grade after grade. The attention to detail, making the kids responsible to be more organized – that’s not just going to help them in college but later in life as well,” says Daniel. “I think this school is the best school to challenge [my kids] for the future.”

Amalia agrees with her father’s view that SABIS challenges students. “It can be hard at times, but I like challenging myself,” she says.

Both girls are happy at the school for different reasons.

Amalia, whose favorite subjects are science, English, and social studies, says: “It’s cool going to school at SABIS. I’ve made a lot of new friends.”

Annalisa, a math fan, says: “I like all of my teachers. They are great people who make me feel good.”

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