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The Densons

Creating a welcome learning environment where students feel safe, are challenged academically, and have fun learning are essential components to a top-quality education such as that offered at SABIS International Charter School in Springfield.

“It feels more like home than being in school. Everyone is friendly – teachers, students and administrators – and we all get along really well,” says Jared Denson about the family atmosphere created at the school.

Jared is an 11th grade student who was admitted to SABIS by lottery when he was in Kindergarten. His sister, Jaida Denson, is a fifth grader at the school this year.

“We have great teachers who make learning fun,” says Jaida, who also finds them supportive in the classroom.

“If you are having a hard time with a particular subject, your teacher will help you so that when you have a test, you will get a good grade. And that makes students feel happy,” she adds.

The children’s mother, Camaris Denson, who has a background in education and is currently an academic mentor at American International College, knows a superior school when she sees one. That is why she sent Jared and Jaida to SABIS.

“I knew SABIS offered an advanced curriculum to prepare students for college, which was very important to me, as well as the fact that there is a diverse student body, which allows my kids to be exposed to other cultures,” says Camaris.

She also values the opportunities her children have to become well-rounded individuals.

“I like the community component at the school, where students are encouraged to give back to their community, something that is reinforced the school’s Student Life Organization where they learn to become leaders,” says Camaris.

Jared, who plays varsity sports including cross-country, basketball, and volleyball, is involved in Student Life. “This year I joined the Discipline Department, and I have gained more confidence and have more self esteem, which helps in becoming a leader,” he says.

Camaris and Tyrone Denson say they are pleased with the education their children are receiving and would recommend SABIS to other families.

“I love the environment [at SABIS],” says Tyrone. “It’s like a family environment. Everyone really cares about the students, their education, and their future.”

“I love the environment [at SABIS]. Everyone really cares about the students, their education, and their future.”

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