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The Borders

Jorden Borders, an 8th grader at SABIS International Charter School, aspires to become an engineer.

“Ever since I was little I would take things apart, then put them back together or try to make them into something different,” he says.

Jorden’s sister, Sydney, an 11th grader at SABIS, is less sure of what she wants to study in college. She is certain, however, that college is in her future, and she’s ready for it.

“Academically, [this school] made me very, very strong,” she says. “The teachers are very supportive of everything we do, and they encourage us to strive for the best.”

That was what Jorden and Sydney’s mother, Lisa Borders, was looking for when she decided to send her children to SABIS.

“I have friends whose kids graduated from SABIS and they are doing awesome today…thriving. So, I knew that my kids would leave [the school] with the tools they needed to succeed in college,” says Lisa.

SABIS offers a challenging learning experience that starts immediately in Kindergarten, so from the beginning students can get used to the fast pace,” says Lisa.

She was also looking for a full, K-12 school for the continuity it offers. She feels that her children, both of whom started at SABIS in Kindergarten, benefitted from that.

“I liked the continuity that the school offers – that Sydney could begin Kindergarten and complete high school all in one safe environment along with the friends she would make at SABIS,” she says.

Both of Lisa’s kids are excelling at the school. Sydney is enrolled in Advanced Placement classes and is on the National Honor Society, and Jorden is a member of the National Junior Honor Society.

Outside of the classroom, both Sydney and Jorden participate in sports at the school, including soccer, track, baseball, and bowling. They learn quickly, though, that sports come second to academics at the school.

“We have to have good grades to stay on the team,” reports Sydney. “If we really needed to, our coach would give us 30 minutes at the beginning of practice so we could study.”

SABIS is successfully delivering the challenging, nurturing, cohesive, college-preparatory environment this family is looking for. “Count me on board to refer anyone to this school,” Lisa concludes.

 “Count me on board to refer anyone to this school.”

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