Maleke and Michelle

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Maleke and Michelle

Michelle Hayes has two children at SABIS® International Charter School in Springfield. Justin “Maleke” Roberson is a senior this year, and Adzenyah is in the 11th grade. Maleke enrolled in SABIS® as a Kindergartener after being chosen in a lottery, and his sister soon followed in his footsteps.

“I wanted a bigger academic curriculum, a safe school, and a diverse school and knew that SABIS® provided all three,” says Michelle.

And provide they have. Maleke says he has benefitted from his time at SABIS®. His “favorite thing about the school is the quality of the education.” According to Maleke, “SABIS® is really focused on the student. They help the students and oversee the growth of each individual. I feel like they really followed up with me. Each year I got better.”

In addition to growing academically, Maleke has also grown personally as a leader and community member. He currently co-manages the school’s Mentoring Department, which pairs younger children with student volunteers from grades 8-12 for the purpose of providing academic support and guidance. “I’ve been mentoring a 3rd grader for a few weeks now and it’s defi nitely made a difference,” says Maleke.

With an understanding of the value of service and a solid academic foundation to rely on, Maleke aspires to be a nurse or physician’s assistant after going to college. “I want to live my life to help other people. I don’t just want to provide for myself. I want to provide for others and help the community,” he says.

Based on Maleke’s experiences and aspirations, it’s clear that Michelle’s decision to enroll her children in SABIS® was a good one.

“Lots of people want to get their kids into SABIS®,” she says, “I’m glad that it is here [in Springfield] and that I had the opportunity to get my kids in.”

SABIS® International Charter School of Springfield

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