Bailey and Robbin

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Bailey and Robbin

About 12 years ago, Robbin Ryan made an important decision for her daughter’s future. She decided to send her daughter, Bailey Barlow, to the SABIS International Charter School.

“I was nervous about Bailey’s ability to excel at other schools and knew that SABIS had done well by my son, Darian, who graduated in 2015 from the school,” says Robbin. “I really liked what the school did for him in helping him excel, and now it is doing the same for Bailey.”

Bailey is currently a senior at SABIS, and she is distinguishing herself in the classroom and as an athlete in soccer and softball, and she also holds down a part-time job.

Bailey has a unique perspective on what SABIS has to offer because she left the school to attend a traditional public school in the area in the 10th grade. She was far ahead of her peers there, though, and returned to SABIS with a greater appreciation for its academic rigor.

“When I switched [schools], I realized that the way they teach you at SABIS and the way they prepare you and challenge you is much different than other schools,” she says.

One of the challenges that SABIS offers students is the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. “AP classes at SABIS have already put me ahead,” Bailey says.

SABIS doesn’t only challenge you; they also give you the tools and resources that you need to be successful.”

Bailey is in a perfect position to weigh in on what the school delivers. She watched her brother, a Dean’s List student at UMass Amherst, excel in college and knows it will do the same for her. In fact, Darian was so well prepared for college through the AP credits he had earned at SABIS that he graduated from college a semester early.

Bailey is currently in the process of applying to colleges. She is still undecided about what she will major in, but she is certain that whatever it will be, she will be prepared to succeed.
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