Explanation of Grades

Explanation of Grades

Grade Point Average (GPA) is figured for our students on a cumulative, year-to-year basis. An overall academic average is calculated on student report cards at the end of each trimester and at the end of each year. The school provides an estimated, un-weighted, cumulative grade point average at the start of the senior year, at the end of the first senior-year trimester and finally at graduation.

Class Rank is not figured at SABIS® International Charter School because each student’s course load is individually tailored to match achievement level. Therefore, the level of difficulty for each subject varies greatly among members of the same class and we do not consider ranking appropriate in such a situation.

Grades at the SABIS® International Charter School correspond to percentages:

  • 93% - 100% A or Excellent
  • 83% - 92% B or Good
  • 60% - 82% C/D or Fair
  • Below 60% F or Failing

The grading system in SABIS® International Schools worldwide differs from most schools in the United States. The predominant reliance on testing as an assessment of student learning, and the calculation of end-of-year grades, are unique to SABIS®. Students’ grades are based entirely on knowledge they are able to demonstrate under weekly testing circumstances. That is, the common practice of including classroom participation, attitude, diligence, and homework is not done at SABIS®. Thus, colleges and universities can be assured that our students’ grades are not inflated; i.e. a student who doesn’t truly know the subject does not receive a higher grade because of effort.

Academic Monitoring System: We utilize an in-house evaluation instrument called the Academic Monitoring System (AMS). AMS is used in math and in English. AMS tests are objective, criterion-referenced, computer-corrected tests administered weekly. They are designed to check student learning, mastery, and long-term retention. Test items are intended to evaluate basic or core concepts, and mostly focus on factual information.

Some courses are given more academic weight than others in grading the term and year-end average on student report cards. English, math, and world language are weighted most heavily, followed closely by science and history. Finally, fine arts, physical education, health, and other subject electives are graded but are not part of the overall average calculated each term/year. A few of our subject electives are graded on an Excellent/Good/ Fair/Poor scale, with grade comparisons indicated above. In these classes, a grade of Poor is considered failing.

Honor Roll is posted at the end of each term. Our Honor Roll reflects an average of 87% or above in all five academic subject areas.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact C. Thomas Campagna or Kathleen Joyce, Guidance Counselors at (413) 783-2600. You can visit our web pages at www.sics-sabis.net and www.sabis.net.


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