Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

SABIS® Booster Club Athletic Hall of Fame

Membership Of The Hall Of Fame Committee

The Hall of Fame will consist of nine (9) members as follows:

  1. Current Director of SABIS® International Charter School or their representative.
  2. Current Athletic Director of SABIS® or their representative.
  3. The current Booster Club president.
  4. Booster Club members (2) as appointed by the Athletic Director.
  5. Current Coaches (3) as appointed by the Athletic Director, Director and Booster Club president.
  6. At-large member appointed by a majority of the set committee members.

All committee members will have full voting privileges.

Appointed members will be for one-year period. Additional year appointments may be made as outlined above for two additional one-year periods.

The official year of the Hall of Fame committee will be from September 1st of each year to the end of August.

For the Hall of Fame to conduct business, a quorum of (7) seven members must be present. To change any of the original By-Laws or group policies or procedures, seven (7) affirmative votes must be secured.


Qualifications For Election To The Hall Of Fame

The SABIS® Athletic Hall of Fame shall have three (3) categories. Election to the Hall will be as follows:

  • Student-Athlete: Student-athletes must have earned a varsity letter in at least two different school years. They must have been selected to an All-league, All-Conference or All-State team and must have graduated from SABIS® a minimum of five (5) years previous. In circumstances where a student-athlete does not meet the aforementioned criteria, but is a SABIS® graduate (five years minimum) who has earned at least two varsity letters and has made a professional career in athletics, their nomination may be accepted and considered.
  • Administrator / Friend / Contributor: An individual who has given meritorious service (over and above) to the SABIS® athletic programs.
  • Coach: Coaches must have a minimum of five years coaching experience (at any level) at SABIS® and have been retired from SABIS® coaching for a minimum of five years.


Selection Process And Recognition

Names for nomination may be submitted to the committee at any time by anyone or by the committee themselves. One person will be selected by the committee to present each nominee to the full committee for review and voting purposes. Nomination papers should include as much career date and other supporting information as is possible. To gain admission into the Hall of Fame, the individual must be nominated and seconded by someone on the committee. To be enrolled, the nominee must receive a minimum of seven (7) votes if all nine members are present and a minimum of six (6) votes if either eight or seven members are in attendance. In the event that a Hall of Fame committee member (or a member of his/her immediate family) is being considered for admission, the member is prohibited from voting when the particular name is discussed. If no candidate receives the desired number of votes necessary for induction on the first ballot, a second ballot may occur. If no nominee is inducted on a second ballot, a third and final ballot may also occur. Each member will have no more than nine (9) votes to spend on the first ballot and no more than seven (7) votes on the second and five (5) votes on the third and final ballot. A maximum of four student-athletes may be inducted in any year, except the first year when a maximum of eight (8) student-athletes may be inducted.

Voting will be held during February or March of each year and the inductees will be announced during the month of April. An appropriate induction ceremony will be held during May or June of each year.

The Booster Club will bear the expense for the awards commemorating the honor and they will underwrite the cost (although admission may be charged to all non-inductees) for any related expenses.

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