Booster Club Minutes June 2013

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Maria Malmborg, Tom Campagna, Bob Pasini, Joanne Whyland, Deb Morin, Nora Sinkfield, Gina Ferrara, Bob Jerard, Seth Roberts, Erin Champiny, Niamph Champiny, Madison, Sinkfield, Casie Thurber, Ralph and Carrie Berthiaume, Hope Collins, Tyrone Reid, Kelly Holt, Ann Campagna.



Minutes To accept the minutes from May 7, 2013. Second, All in Favor.


Financial Report

Presented by Deb Morin Motion: To Accept the financial report. Second, All in Favor.


Spring Awards Night/Senior Jacket Presentation

Time - 6pm Refreshments 6:30 Start

Order of Events- all set

Video- 12 to 13 minutes


Fun Night Out

Profit of 367.00 for the Booster Club. 32 paid and 3 couldn’t come. It was fun, everyone enjoyed themselves and food was good.


Scholarship Committee

The two recipients were Kimberly Malmborg and Sydney Pasini. They each received a $750.00 scholarship.

Committee Members: Tom Campagna, Tyrone Reid, Criag Constantinos, Crystal Lizana, Nora Sinkfield, Marilyn Saez-Montalvo, and Lisa Wells.

Motion: to refund and increase scholarship amount from 750.00 to 1000.00 for 2014. Second, All in Favor.


PEPSI Update

The check is coming and they are giving us more than the 1253.00 owed. (1500.00)


"Why Say No" Report

Well received and created lots of conversation among family members. Would like to have it again. Would like to implement an “opt out” option if parents/guardians don’t want there student to attend.

Was held May 21, 2013. It was mandatory for all Coaches and Athletes to attend.


Family Id Update

Easy to navigate. Looking at the concussion piece for ease of completion. Will give feedback if any at next meeting.


Fall Season Fundraiser

Question as to whether we should continue with this fundraiser or take a break. After looking at the numbers and revenue we decided to stick with it. Joanne whyland will step down as the lead and Erin Champiny will take over.
Dave Bloniarz, Bob and Tom C. will help in the fall.

Calendar will run from 9/30 to 10/27

Dave to get calendar prototype to printers

Erin to hold initial meeting with helpers to put together packets for each team.


Capital Expenses

Looking to install a long jump pit and dug outs. Coach Gaebel and baseball teams will do a 50/50 match to help cover the cost of the dugouts and Track and Field to do the same for the long jump.

Baseball- Dug outs looking for us to give $4000.00 Team will contribute 2000.00. BB Team will look to have supplies donated to keep cost down. Take the summer to formulate a plan and get quotes. Motion: to appropriate $4000.00 to the Baseball team for dug outs. Second, All in Favor.

Track & Field- Asking coaches to present to Booster Club a plan on their fundraising efforts to help support putting in a jump pit.

Tennis- Asked for a ball machine for the team. Motion: to give 1500.00 to team for the machine. Second, All in Favor.

Bulldog Website

Stuart Champiny will take the lead on maintaining the website. Dave Bloniarz , Maria Malmborg Tom Campagna are all interested in learning more about the website and the behind the scenes efforts to maintain it. We discussed this being a part of the secretary’s job function as well. Maria will call a meeting to learn more.

Slate of New Officers: Motion to accept new officers. Second, All in Favor.

Maria Malmborg

Vice President
Joanne whyland

Deb Morin

Nora Sinkfield


Bulldog Website


Next Meeting
Thursday August 29, 2013 - 6pm

Meeting Adjourned

Maria Malmborg
Sabis Booster Club Secretary

SABIS® International Charter School of Springfield

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