Booster Club Minutes January 2014

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Tom Campagna, Angie Rivera, Maria Malmborg, Nancy Thurber, Debra Morin, Alex Tidlund, Todd Fairman, Nora Sinkfield, Tyrone Reid, Joanne Whyland, Bob Jerard



Minutes are posted on the new website: Motion: To accept the minutes from December 16, 2013. Second, All in Favor.


Financial Report

is presented by Deb Morin. With the calendar fundraiser the Booster Club is out of the red. The ski trip was cancelled so everyone had to be reimbursed. There was a reallocation of what was paid due to running out of checks. Motion: To Accept the financial report. Second, All in Favor.


Capital Expenditure Update

It is anticipated that the dugouts will be completed by Friday if there is good weather. We will need to decide if we want to paint or decorate them in the spring. Motion: To have the check written for $1500.00 tonight and given to Mr. Campagna for the final payment but not distribute it until satisfied that it is complete. Second, All in Favor.


Winter Raffle Update

The Fundraiser went well. A good amount of kids received a free ticket for themselves for selling at least 10 tickets. Joe McDonald sold the most at 32 tickets. Having the point person assigned to assist the coach was helpful. It was discussed that Team Managers should not be required to sell tickets. They are doing a service for the team. Maria will work with Dave to have the old raffle winners names removed from the website and start fresh with the new winners. Maria suggested that we write down the process that the secretary will keep as a guide on how things work, the process, who to contact, etc. It would be helpful for future Booster Club Members. Not only for this fundraiser but other activities such as how to run the concession stand, etc.


Concession Building Update/Heat

Maria spoke with Pete Thurber. He said he will take a look at it. She is going to ask him for an estimate on cost and feasibility.


Concession Stand Report

  1. General Report to date: The concession stand has made $1900.00. Nancy will make signs for the 50/50 Raffle. $1 for 1 ticket and $5 for 10 tickets. The games are on the calendar. If the Booster Club is not going to do the 50/50 Raffle other teams would like to do it. After the game Friday Tyrone will need to restock. It was discussed that instead of writing him a check he will take the money from the cash box, the amount will be confirmed by another party, a receipt written and both parties will sign the receipt so that it is documented. Tyrone will bring back receipts for what he purchases. There was discussion as to whether or not we needed to keep a more detailed spreadsheet on what we take in, what we spend and how it breaks down by season.
  2. Future Staffing: There is a calendar with the games, times and who has volunteered to work. Crystal has been very helpful with it. It has been difficult to get volunteers for the Boys Games and the Girls Varsity games. Parents may not be aware of the need for volunteers. Tom will send an e-mail out to the coaches and the winter sports participant parents letting them know we need volunteers. Discussion on putting up a sign asking for volunteers to help with all sports and to go to the concession stand to sign up.
  3. February 1st Wresting Event: There was much discussion about the last wresting tournament hosted at Sabis. A lot of work went into the tournament. Parents donated food and assisted. There seemed to be a miscommunication or misunderstanding between the parents, coaches and athletes as to who was being charged for food. There was discussion about providing a meal for the wrestlers at their next trip using the donation money received from Youth Wrestling. It was suggested that a subcommittee be formed to improve things for future wresting tournaments.


Hall Of Fame Committee

The meeting will be held January 30. The first act of the committee will be to elect the 9th member and nominations will be that night.


Digital Camera

There was discussion about doing a Flicker Account instead of purchasing digital cameras. Dave Bloniarz is looking into the details. Dave was not present at the meeting so we will discuss at next months meeting.


Varsity Jackets

There are 50 Juniors who will be eligible for Varsity Jackets. They cost approximately $65-70 per jacket in the past which would total approximately $3,500.00. One vendor requires payment up front which would be in April and the other vendor would not require payment until June.


Scholarship Committee

Volunteers are needed for the Scholarship Committee. Volunteers cannot be parents of Seniors. There are two scholarships for $1,000 each.


New Business

There was discussion about pizza sales and if the Booster Club should receive a percentage. It was agreed to re-visit this before the next school year begins.

Next Meeting
February 13, 2014 - 6pm

Meeting Adjourned
7:40 pm

Nora Sinkfield
Sabis Booster Club Secretary


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