Booster Club Meeting Minutes, November 2013

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Tom Campagna, Nora Sinkfield, Alex Tidlund, Debra Morin, Tyrone Reid, Joanne Whyland, Bob Jerard, Madison Sinkfield, Maria Malmborg, Nancy Thurber, Scharlit Ako-Brew, Chelsea Ako-Brew, Dave Bloniarz, Crystal Lizana, Remani Lizana, Gina Ferrara.



Minutes are posted on the new website: Motion: To accept the minutes from October 9, 2013. Second, All in Favor.


Financial Report

presented by Deb Morin Motion: To Accept the financial report. Second, All in Favor.


Financial Planning

Tom Campagna discussed the unreserved balance for the Booster Club is extremely low ($1,820.28). The list of items Booster Club pays for totals approximately $21,000. This includes senior jackets, banners, pins, assistant coaches, awards ceremony etc. Maria Malmborg will speak with coaches briefly at the Coaches Meeting about all of the things the Booster Club is doing and encourage them to support our efforts. Discussed doing 50/50 raffle at the home basketball games having parents and players sell and have a table in the back of the gym. Motion:50/50 raffle done to support Booster Club at all home games. Second, One Opposed A subcommittee will meet to brainstorm on fundraising. The subcommittee will include: Joanne Whyland, Tom Campagna, Nora Sinkfield, Bob Jerard, Maria Malmborg, Nancy Thurber and Gina Ferrara.


Yearbook Ad Update

Chelsea Ako-Brew from the yearbook staff brought a copy of the draft Booster Club add for the year book. It included pictures of the athletes in their senior jackets. There will be a list of what the Booster Club provides the athletes. Mr. Campagna will work with Chelsea on the wording. Chelsea will e-mail it to Nora Sinkfield when completed to send to the Booster Club Committee members for their review.


Capital Expenditure Update (Baseball)

The building of the Dugouts for the Baseball Team will be completed by Thanksgiving.


Concession Stand Update

The concession stand did well at the volleyball game. Tyrone Reid gave a special Thank You to Crystal Lizana as the MVP. There are only two boxes of popcorn left and Sweet Life does not have anymore. When purchased from Sweet Life it costs $39.00 per box, there are 36 (8oz) in a box. We sell approximately 12-13 packages per game. Will research online to see if we can purchase some place else. The cost for a bottle of water went up to $1.50 this year. It was agreed to purchase the water from Costco, reduce the price back to $1.00 a bottle and not order water from Pepsi.


Winter Raffle Update

Bob Jerard volunteered to be the lead and Tyrone Reid will assist him. The subcommittee discussed changing the size of the card so that the tear off portion would be bigger however this would double the printing price. Will research online to see if we can get better prices. This is time sensitive and needs to move quickly. Motion: Authorize up to $300.00 for printing the raffle card. Second, All in Favor. The first day of the raffle the prize will be $100.00, second day $50.00, the rest of the Monday’s will be $50.00 gift cards instead of cash and Tuesdays will be $25.00 cash. There will be a specific point person to work with the coaches. Students that sell 10 calendars will receive one free entry into the daily prize drawing for them. We will keep the current incentive if a student sells 20 calendars they receive $50 and the overall top seller received $50.00 We will keep the current coach incentive if the average of nine calendars are sold per student the coach will receive $100.00. There are approximately 15 people who have not picked up their prizes from the Fall raffle. Bob Jerard will research and take care of contacting them.


Run/Walk Final Report

The Boys JV and Varsity soccer teams 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser was a success. It raised $3,000 after paying out $1800. Awards were given to the first female and the first male to complete the race. Pictures can be seen on the Booster Club website.


Fun Night Out Update

Joanne Whyland and Ralph Berthiaume are working together to plan this event for May 25, 2014 at Smith Billiards. A save the date notice will be going out soon. The cost will be $15.00 and is for adults only. Notify Joanne if you are able to donate a raffle prize. The net profit from last year’s fun night out was $380.00.


New Bank Discussion

will discuss next month


Fall Award Ceremony

Ceremony will be held on November 26th... Kelly Holt will provide the refreshments from 6:00-6:30 pm. 6:30-8:30 ceremony. Joanne, Nancy and Gina will sell SABIS T-Shirts for one for $12.00 or two for $20.00. Also discussed doing a 50/50 raffle at the table with the shirts inside the room in the back. The drawing will be at the end of the ceremony. One ticket for $1.00 or twenty tickets for $5.00. Nancy Thurber will donate the raffle tickets. Due to budget constraints Motion: Authorize up to $125.00 for refreshments instead of $225. Second, All in Favor.


Digital Camera

will discuss next month


Booster Club Invitational, 12/14-12/15

The tournament officials are donated to us. It will provide two extra games for the girls to play and is a fundraiser for the Booster Club. The gate goes to the girl’s basketball team and concession stand goes to the Booster Club.


New Item

Booster Club committee member will meet at SABIS on December 7 from 10:00-12:00 to work on the Winter Fundraiser packets.

Next Meeting
December 10, 2013 - 6pm

Meeting Adjourned
7:46 pm

Nora Sinkfield
Sabis Booster Club Secretary

SABIS® International Charter School of Springfield

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