Booster Club Meeting Minutes, August 2013

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Maria Malmborg, Tom Campagna, Joanne Whyland, Deb Morin, Nora Sinkfield, Gina Ferrara, Bob Jerard, Erin Champiny, Madison Sinkfield, Ralph Berthiaume, Tyrone Reid, Kelly Holt, Nikki Burnett, Lisa LeBlane, Carmen Soto, Angie Rivera, Alex Tidlund, Crystal Lizana, Myya Seago, Lynn Poehler, Chelsea AkoBrew.



Minutes are posted on the new website: Motion: To accept the minutes from June 6, 2013. Second, All in Favor.


Financial Report

presented by Deb Morin Motion: To Accept the financial report. Second, All in Favor.


PEPSI Update

  1. Commission Check: The check ($1500.00) came in and was deposited. Mr. Campagna has a meeting with a new vending company. He will report on it at our next meeting.
  2. Ordering Procedure: Tyrone Reid will handle ordering the Pepsi products this year. He has ordered 31 cases. The concession stand opens next Friday. The boys’ soccer games are covered with people working. We need to figure out coverage for the girls’ games. Games start at 4:00 pm so the concession stand should open by 3:45 pm. Need to train parents on how to clean the popcorn machine properly. Kelly Holt will handle stocking the concession stand. Motion: To give $400.00 to Kelly Holt to get supplies for the concession stand. Second, All in Favor.

ONLINE REGISTRATTION: 200 kids registered and Mr. Campagna received only three calls seeking assistance. The link is on both the athletics website and the school website. The physical exam forms will also be on the website. The concussion training did allow you to click that you took it.


Fall Club Raffle

September 4, 2013 is the kick-off. It will run for two full weeks ending on September 18th... The following will hand out the fundraising packets to the teams: Joanne Whyland – Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball, Tom Campagna – Golf, Gina Ferrara – Cross Country, Stuart Champiny – Girls Soccer, Bob Jerard – Boys Soccer. Joanne Whyland thanked Erin Champiny for stepping up and taking the lead with this fundraiser.


Capital Expenditure Update

  1. Baseball: Up to $6,000 was approved for new dugouts - $4,000 by the club and $2,000 raised by the Baseball team. We have not received a bid under $6,000 yet. Mr. Campagna will report again next month.
  2. Tennis: The ball return machine ordered has been delivered and is at the house of the girl’s tennis coach. They can share it with the boy’s team, however it is entrusted to the girl’s team and their responsibility.


Bulldog Website A draft version is up. Each team has a designated section. As each team has something to report they can submit it for review and it can be posted. Sports calendars have been added. Dave Bloniarz will inquire as to the viability of placing a link on the school site to the athletic site. Dave will update us with the response at our next meeting. Motion: To order two banners with our website on it for no more than $50.00 to Ralph Berthiaume. Second, All in Favor. Madison Sinkfield and Chelsea Akobrew will seek permission from school administration to hang one of the banners for the athletics website in the main entrance for a few weeks and then have it moved to the gym. The other one will be hung at the outdoor concession stand and then moved to the gym.


Run/Walk Fundraiser

Boys JV and Varsity soccer teams are holding their 2nd Annual 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser on September 28. Registration forms will be available on the website. 9:00 am registration; walk begins at 9:45 am with awards following. $20 for adults and $15 for students 18 years old and younger. Need volunteers to marshall. Requesting volunteers donate $10.00. Everyone who registers will receive a t-shirt. Marshall’s will have a different color t-shirt. Sponsors are listed on the back of the shirts. $100 to be a sponsor.


Fall Award Ceremony

Ceremony will be held on November 26th... 6:00-6:30 pm refreshments. 6:30-8:30 ceremony.

Recent Shed Issues

The soccer shed has been broken into. Three soccer bags were stolen, along with over 45 balls and other equipment. Motion: Bob Jerard using his judgment will purchase three locks, keyed differently, and will provide a minimum of five keys for each lock. Second, All in Favor.


New Business

Joanne Whyland reported that there were four envelopes left in the safe from the winter fundraiser. She reached everyone except for one person. Tyrone Reid will get the envelope to the winner. One of the winners from the spring fundraiser donated their winnings to the tennis team.

The wrestling team is requesting a middle school dance in late October.

Joanne and Ralph will co-chair planning the next Fun Night Out scheduled for May, 2014.

Next Meeting
October 9, 2013 - 6pm

Meeting Adjourned

Nora Sinkfield
Sabis Booster Club Secretary

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