SABIS® Booster Club Scholarship

SABIS® Booster Club Scholarship


The purpose of the SABIS® Booster Club Scholarship is to encourage high scholastic achievement among all athletes at SABIS® International Charter School and to promote sportsmanship, recognize athletic achievement, and to assist with the costs of higher education. This scholarship will be awarded annually to one male and one female athlete.



Any graduating senior of SABIS® who has participated in organized, interscholastic athletics for at least two full years, at least one of which must have been during the senior year at SABIS® will be eligible for this scholarship. The applicant shall have been accepted (or have made application and is pending) to a recognized four-year institution of higher learning.


Due Date

All applications shall be submitted by April 1st...

Selection Criteria:

  1. Degree of participation in organized, competitive, inter-school athletics.
  2. Scholastic achievement.
  3. Participation in school and community activities.
  4. General citizenship and character.


Application Requirements

The applicant shall:

  1. Complete the attached SABIS® Booster Club Scholarship Application. (Neatness, grammar/spelling and punctuation will be considered in scoring. You may add extra pages.)
  2. Submit a copy of high school transcript.
  3. Submit three letters of recommendation, which specifically state the applicant’s qualifications in each of the four areas listed above in the “Selection Criteria” section. One letter of recommendation must be from someone other than a school employee.
  4. Participate in an interview with the Booster Club Scholarship Committee if requested.



The number of candidates may be narrowed down to six finalists (three male and three female) in the event that there are more than six applications.



Finalists will be required to attend an interview by members of the SABIS® Booster Club. Interviews will be approximately twenty minutes in length.



The award will be presented to the winning candidates at the graduation ceremony.



A one-time payment of $500 will be made to the student upon receipt of a copy of their first semester bill from a college or university. Funds must be disbursed on or before February 1st of the year following graduation.


Sabis® Booster Club Scholarship Committee

  1. Selection & Scoring Criteria
    • Two Booster Club members, elected annually by the full Booster Club membership, the Booster Club president, the school Athletic Director, along with the SABIS® guidance counselor and two members of the current coaching staff (appointed by the athletic director) are to serve as the “Scholarship Committee.”
    • Other coaches and/or faculty members of SABIS® may be consulted for information regarding individual applicants.
      They will not, however, have any vote in the selection process.
    • The applicant shall submit a packet which contains:
      • The Booster Club Scholarship Application.
      • A copy of high school transcript.
      • Three letters of recommendation, which specifically state the applicant’s qualifications in the Degree of participation in organized, competitive, inter school athletics, scholastic achievement, and participation in school and community activities, general citizenship and character. One of the letters of recommendation must be from someone other than a school employee.
    • Each criteria requirement shall be assigned an ascending scale value.
    • The GPA will be multiplied by five. (This will be done by the Selection Committee Chair and shall be inserted in the GPA column on the Evaluation Form prior to the form being given to the evaluator.)
  2. Sports Participation
    • Five points shall be awarded for each sport participated in during the two or more years of sports participation, at least one of which must have been during the senior year. Maximum of 30 points.
  3. Scholarship Application Evaluation
    • Section A of the application will be scored as noted in paragraph B. Sections B & C on the application form shall be scored from 0 to 5 points each. Each letter of recommendation shall be scored from 0 to 5 points and the interview is worth a maximum of ten points.
  4. Final Scoring
    • The chairman of the scholarship committee (or Booster President if chairman not available) will tabulate the scores and determine the winners based on those tabulations. The names of the award winners shall be given to the Booster President and are to be kept secret until announced at the Spring Sports Awards.


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