Shadae Thomas Harris

SABIS® Salutes Alumni
Shadae Thomas Harris

For Shadae Thomas Harris, going to SABIS International Charter School was “the experience of a lifetime.”

“I had some of the best learning experiences while at SABIS. My teachers helped me develop my leadership skills and my voice as a leader,” says Shadae. Not only did Shadae’s experience at SABIS prepare her for the academic rigor ahead of her at Smith College and Harvard, it instilled in her the importance and value of contributing to her community.

After graduating from SABIS in 2001 and earning her master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Shadae fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher, working in the Boston Public Schools as a fourth grade teacher.

With that experience under her belt, she went on to become the principal of Balliet Elementary School in Springfield, a job that gave her the opportunity to give back to her community. “I always knew that I wanted to return to Springfield to serve as a mentor for not only students of color, but for all students,” says Shadae.

Since earning her doctorate in Educational Leadership in May 2018 from Harvard, Shadae has taken her leadership skills to the next level as Assistant Superintendent of Family and Community Engagement in the Richmond (VA) Public Schools.

Having built a foundation for success at SABIS, Shadae has already accomplished amazing things, and she aspires to even greater success..

“I could see myself in the future as U.S. Secretary of Education,” she says.

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