Danielle Lessard

SABIS® Salutes Alumni
Danielle Lessard

At 24 years of age, Danielle Lessard is mature beyond her years. Her maturity comes from a combination of knowledge and experiences she gathered from her 13 years at the SABIS International Charter School and the time she has spent since graduating in 2012 coupled with a determination to help people around her.

Danielle joined SABIS in Kindergarten, having been enrolled by parents who were looking for a school focused on academics and college preparation. And that was exactly what Danielle got.

SABIS gave me the opportunity to strive academically. I was a nerdy kid – really into school…SABIS definitely gave me the ability to enjoy academics and continue to be curious and ask questions, and that carried into college,” says Danielle, who went on to graduate from Harvard University with a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies.

SABIS also provided an environment that fostered personality and leadership development. Through her role as a leader in the school’s Student Life Organization, Danielle learned that “the most important thing you can do is exercise your ability to be kind, empathize, and seek to understand people.”

Danielle has actively put this into practice since graduating from SABIS. She has helped support fellow SABIS graduates’ applications to Harvard, and in her job in HR Talent Management at MassMutual, she oversees a student internship program.

“Now I get to help high school students, some from SABIS, to grow as others gave me the opportunity to do along the way,” says Danielle.

“If it wasn’t for SABIS I wouldn’t have the tools to continue to be curious and thoughtful…”

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