Brittany Archey

SABIS® Salutes Alumni
Brittany Archey

When SABIS International Charter School opened in Springfield in 1995, Brittany Archey was there. Her mom wanted a better education for her, one where she could grow and have consistency and not have to move around from elementary to middle to high school.

“[SABIS] has a very rigorous curriculum…it allowed you to learn a lot,” Brittany says. As an example of the rigorous program, I took two math classes in college and both were below the level I had at SABIS.”

Brittany credits her teachers with helping to give her a positive school experience and preparing her for life. “I had plenty of amazing teachers who set high expectations, “she recalls. As a SABIS student, Brittany also learned “the value of never giving up when things get hard.” She put this into practice as a freshman at Springfield College, where she was successful in meeting the challenges of being a student athlete.

“What I learned about time management and the level of academic rigor I had at SABIS made the transition to college easier.” Brittany is currently teaching math at SABIS and completing her master’s degree in education at American International College. She says that if it weren’t for SABIS, she wouldn’t feel so at home there as a teacher.”

“I’ve taught at other schools and never knew what was missing. When I walked through the doors again at SABIS, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. I was finally home – where I was meant to be,” she says.

“I had plenty of amazing teachers who set high expectations.”

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