Andres Gomez

SABIS® Salutes Alumni
Andres Gomez

Andres Gomez is living his dream. It’s a dream he was prepared to pursue through the education he received while attending SABIS International Charter School of Springfield.

“There was a challenging culture created at SABIS that encouraged you to continue to grow and move forward in life,” says Andres. “In other schools I attended, I knew there were some classes I could breeze by, but that was never the case at SABIS. There was always an opportunity to challenge yourself and develop even more.”

One of the many opportunities for growth for Andres, now 33, was the Student Life Organization.

“As head of an organization that is a little like student government, I had a phenomenal experience. This is an organization that has a CEO and departments, and they all have to work together as the nucleus of the school,” he explains.

His experience in Student Life at SABIS sparked his interest in business, which he studied at University of Massachusetts Amherst and which he uses today in his job as Director of Restaurants for MGM Springfield.

Thinking back on his time at SABIS, Andres is clear about the role the school played in shaping his future.

SABIS was a big part of my life. There was a real family atmosphere at the school, where I made some lifelong connections with amazing teachers who I am still close to today. They guided me and helped make me who I am today – a go-getter who is capable of working with others and getting things done.”

“There was always an opportunity to challenge yourself and develop even more.”

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