SABIS Student Life Organization®

SABIS Student Life Organization®

The SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) is an integral part of the SABIS® Educational System™ and an important part of every school day. Emphasizing the acquisition of 'life skills' through real-life experiences, the SLO® is a student-led society that empowers students to hold responsibility for many aspects of school life.

While providing opportunities for emotional, social, and moral growth, SLO® helps students develop their academic, managerial, organizational, and leadership skills in a variety of academic and non-academic activities. These include peer tutoring, planning athletic activities and social events; organizing community service projects; and being involved in the school newspaper and school yearbook.


Through the SABIS Student Life Organization®, students learn to:

  • Promote high social, ethical, and moral values
  • Become active and constructive members of a community
  • Develop academic, managerial, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Acquire and refine the attitudes that give them an edge in college and throughout life
  • Form circles of lasting friendship
  • Get involved in a variety of student-led activities

Having demonstrated that they have a broad range of abilities and experiences and they can be effective and valuable team players, students become more likely candidates at top universities around the world.


SLO® builds community

At all grade levels in SABIS® Network schools students learn that working cooperatively creates a strong community. SLO® extends the community experience into real life responsibilities and adds a social element as well. Within each department, students meet and make new friends. Under the leadership of the Student Life Coordinator and the prefects, energized teams of students contribute to every part of school life.


Eight SLO® Departments

Academic Department: School-wide academic support is offered by teachers and students in SABIS® Network schools. Students have the opportunity to be peer tutors and academic prefects, helping those in need while organizing academic events and promoting excellence.  It is geared to assist all students who require support and extra help in their quest for academic success.

Discipline Department: Discipline prefects oversee established school behavior standards and support the Student Management Coordinators in building and nurturing a culture of achievement in the school.  Its focus is to ensure that the school is a safe place where students from all walks of life can live and learn together in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

Management Department: The Management Department is a pillar for all other departments.  It provides support for all other departments and ensures that they can operate effectively and smoothly by providing them with computer support, communication support, and most importantly logistical support.

Sports & Health Department: This team supports the school’s athletic teams and also promotes healthy lifestyle choices.  It helps promote healthy living as well as teach sportsmanship and friendly competition.  It teaches prefects and students to be accountable for equipment as well as try to improve and excel in the sports that they enjoy practicing.

Activities Department: The Activities Department blends together the fun part of SLO®  and brings up the initiative and creativity of the students.  It combines extra-curricular activities that could be held after school or on weekends with the activities that are held at school on a regular basis such as clubs.

Outreach Department: New and visiting students are welcomed by Student Ambassadors, who help them settle in to school life. The Outreach Department also organizes school spirit days and encourages the integration of new students.  It is the department that markets SLO®  to both students and staff and helps ensure that students are happy to come to school every single day.

Lower School: The Primary/Lower School Department is a foundational department in the sense that starting students’ involvement in SLO® that early will help in setting the tone and interest in the school at an early age.  Moreover, younger students are eager to help and to get involved, and it is imperative to tap into their energy and potential to teach them about values, ethics, morality, and proper behavior at a very early age.

Social Responsibility Department: Local and global community service is an important element of life in SABIS® Network schools. Students are involved in several initiatives to give back to their local community as well as on a global level.


The impact of SLO® and student participation

SABIS® firmly believes that education can change the world. Through SLO®, students develop life skills that have a true ripple effect. They make a difference in the school, to each other, and to themselves. Students in SABIS® Network schools know that SLO® participation helps them make a commitment to contribute to the world around them in school, later in college and ultimately as working adults.

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